Pneumaniac's Digital Disaster

Here you'll find the uncomprehendable results of the projects that the mind of Matt "Pneumaniac" Martinson turns out. Most of these projects have a purpose, but unfortunately, most of them are never finished. Ironically, the ones with a purpose are the ones that never see completion...anyways, before I get massively off-topic, check out the rest of the site. I wouldn't wander too far from the home page if I were you, but...well, you've been warned.


Also, keep in mind that I'm working on this website, so if there are huge technical issues, or it just looks like crap, I will get to it, eventually. Yeah, that 'e' word lazy people overuse...

For the record, everything on this site is mine. Which means, to put it bluntly, no stealing. I don't really know how copyright laws work, so I don't know if what's here qualifies for copyright-ation (sp?), but rest assured, if you steal my intellectual property, I will develope some way to slap you through the internet. That is all.